“I Like Reading Now!” …said the kids.

Nearly a third of the 4th and 5th graders at S.J. Montgomery admitted they were not big fans of reading. But after 3 sample excerpts of The Danger! Kids several students changed their mind! The Danger Kids is the explosive action adventure story I wrote as a kid, that gets kids to read something that’s simple fun, pure entertainment, a captivating read that opens kids up to the possibility that reading is not only essential… it’s also FUN!

A big thanks to their librarian Ms. Johanna Rees, to the2/3rds of the students who already love reading; hopefully they continue to grow in literacy and for the others; as they find the joy of reading; they will also gain the essential mind nutrients that reading provides. Reading something you like is better than not reading at all. Let’s all encourage our youth to read, and let’s all do so ourselves as well.


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